THE JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS - (ISSN: 0022-1856 print, 1472-9296 on-line)

"Reviewing the World of Work"

The Journal of Industrial Relations (JIR) is an ISI-ranked, peer-reviewed international journal administered by the Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association (ALERA) and currently based at the University of Sydney. The editors invite scholarship from a range of disciplinary perspectives, examining any aspect of employment relations. Contributions exploring the traditional concerns of industrial relations as well as studies addressing the intersection of workplace, family and community are welcome. We publish rigorous qualitative and multi-method analyses, including theoretically-informed case studies and international and comparative papers.

The ALERA was established in May 1958 and the first issue of the Journal of Industrial Relations appeared in the following year. Today, as then, the ALERA brings together representatives of management, the trade unions, the government services and the professions, as well as specialists in the various academic disciplines concerned with industrial relations.

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