(Adelaide) Jobs and Change in Uncertain Times

The 2018 Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand Conference, to be held in Adelaide 7-9 February 2018.

Submissions close 15 September 2017.


Stream details

1)   Advancing Theoretical and Empirical Understandings of the ‘Gig’ Phenomenon

  • Theorising the ‘gig’ phenomenon – where to from here? 
  • ‘Gig’ work and the future of work – is the end of the Uberization in sight?
  • Worker experiences of, responses to, and motivations for, ‘gig’ work
  • The regulation of ‘gig’ work – are policy makers stepping up to the challenge
  • Work Health and Safety risks in the ‘gig’ economy
  • Ethical dilemmas of management by machines and algorithms
  • How is the organization of ‘gig’ work evolving
  • Collectivism versus Individualism in the ‘gig’ economy

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2)    Researching Diversity
Papers that examine both the positive and negative experiences of diversity groups, which might include, but is not limited to, gender, culture, race, religion, migrant background, disability, health status, or sexual identity, and the intersections between them.

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3)   Individualised funding and the paid care workforce
Our stream will call for papers seeking to understand the impacts of individualised funding for the aged and disability care workforce. Some areas that may be of interest to potential contributors are:

  • Has the shift to individualised funding changed the types of skills and competencies required by the care workforce?
  • Has it impacted on the training provider sector?
  • How ready are service providers for the shift from block-funding to fee-for-service?
  • Has it impacted on skills profiles, roles and working conditions in the disability and aged care sectors?
  • What are the barriers to entry for new service providers, how significant are they, and what can be done about them?
  • How will the changed market design affect the degree of collaboration or co-operation between service providers?
  • How will the change affect volunteering activities?

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4)  Care Work in Comparative Perspectives
Care work issues, including:                        

  • public, private and non-profit care work
  • employment relations
  • industrial relations
  • changing skills and skill mix
  • migration and migrant care workers
  • world care work deficit and solutions to it
  • work organization
  • finance and accountability
  • resistance
  • aspirational and promising models of care work and management

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​Any enquiries to: Andrew Stewart airaanz@con-sol.com

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 08:00